Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Blue APK ~ Android Apps Blogger Template

Blue APK is devoted blogger template for blog posts that focus on software downloads or applications. These templates are custom templates that you can use for free to blog categorized applications or software downloads. If you are interested in creating a template downloadable applications eg mobile applications, it is recommended to apply this template on your blog.

Blue APK
This is because it has a design template that is full and in accordance with it. This template interface itself is full of application icons that look attractive and evocative end to read or download the application that you post.

These templates provide some empty space that you can use as advertising space. For example the empty space at the bottom of the logo of the website, under the menu featured apps, right sidebar, and so forth. This space will be very effective in attracting the end to see even clicking on it. This template is also available in social media features that can extend the reach fans of your site will be. The right side of this template are some special features that would stand out and attract the end. Template Blue APK looks sweet, and too responsive. So, there is nothing wrong if you start to apply it to your Blogger blog.

Features Availability
SEO Optimized Yes
Responsive Yes
Featured Apps Panel Yes
Featured Games Widget Yes
Easy Admin Panel Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Ad Slot Yes
Google play & Download Button Yes
Related Post Yes
Numered Page Navigation Yes
Breadcrumbs Yes
Social Share button Yes
Professional Design Yes
Facebook Comments Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Search Box Yes
Popular Pos Yes
Related Post With Thumbnail Yes
Smooth Back Top Yes
Responsive DropDown Menu Yes
Unlimited Page Numered Yes


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Blue APK ~ Android Apps Blogger Template
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